A Letter To Fashion

Dear Fashion,

I hope this letter finds you well. It’s been a while since I wrote you a letter.

I’m so sorry that you father, Capitalism, takes advantage of social movements and uses them against you. I saw the Chanel Ready-To-Wear S/S 2015 show with faux-feminism slogans, Dior t-shirts, and other high fashion brands. I’m sorry you were put in that horrible situation. I mean, it wouldn’t be this bad if you haven’t enhanced feminity and faux feminism the whole time. I know he’s been exploiting people, using cheap labour and harming the earth just to give you a bright and wealthy future. You are very lucky to have such a caring father.

(as bright and wealthy like this)

Do you still keep in touch with your dearest friends? (by friends I mean women). The last time I checked, they are still objectified in your industry so I guess nothing has really changed since I knew you. I heard that you have recently found new friends, new models like the Hadid’s and Jenner ’s. I’m sure they all have one thing in common: big boobs, small waists and long legs. I believe they tick all the boxes to be your friends. I bet you set them to become goals for other women. You must be very happy that your trap has worked on a lot of people.

It’s interesting to hear that they claim to be feminists too regardless of what they have been doing to idealise female beauty. It seems like they not only support women but also men. They are ‘objects’ to represent men’s understandings of the world. I have seen men’s understandings of women, the sisterhood, and culture, etc…through them. Like what your old man, Christian Dior, did. He created a female image that reflected his perception of life without even considering her agency. He used the women as “poems” to portrait his nostalgias without caring about hers. It’s hard to keep businesses to run for generations, but your men could, and your women. Very impressive!

Have you heard about the #SmallEverythingMovement? From the bags, to waists, to anything that is supposed to be big even goes small. Even when someone is embracing the big, they are intentionally promoting the small. Look at Kylie Jenner, one of your women, she has been saying that she loves her curves but I wonder if she realises how her curves have no flaws altogether with her super flat and tight belly and smooth skin. The #SmallEverythingMovement also shapes the way we see and define feminity and womanhood. It’s ideal to have certain body parts, and/or fashion items to be small and the others to be bigger. You help everyone to define what it’s like to be a feminine woman, and what it’s like to be an attraction by gender stereotyping. After all, you’re doing a great job on keeping up with the male gaze. I want to congratulate you on making the world revolves around men. Look at how the world revolves around men when even gender-neutral or unisex clothing is basically men’s clothing in female sizes.

You are an assertion or expression of identity. You define an individual’s persona. There are certain categories for each of us to choose to be in. In each category, how do you feel when everyone becomes everyone? How weird and ‘abnormal’ do you find when someone doesn’t dress like everyone? Because when you say fashion is freedom, there’s still a guideline for all of us to follow.

Anyhow, I have to stop writing to you as I have to get dress for school. You are going to be smart casual today. I would love to hear your stories, so write me sometimes. 

Good luck with everything!

P/S: This will be the last time I write about you on this blog.  

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  1. I love my little feminist xx

  2. Nice post dear! it's so chic!
    HAve a great day! xx

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  3. This is so true! Well written! xx


  4. I have no words to describe how amazing this post is. You are very brave dear. I love every word you say. Keep it up!!!!!!!

    Kisses from Miami


  5. Amazing post! I really enjoy reading it! Thanks for sharing!


  6. This is so good! I hope fashion gets/receives this message! LOL


  7. Tam so good! What a fantastic post! xxx