No One Can Resist These Pearls

Happy November! 

I want more photos of me this month. I'll set the timer on my camera and perhaps DIY a tripod.  These photos were taken four months ago.  It's a shame that I was tying a Khaisilk scarf on my bag. FYI, Khaisilk was exposed to source his merchandise in China and sell them under the guise of made-in-Vietnam labels. But it's a beautiful scarf, I'm not going to throw it away. It's full of memories. 

I love collecting scarves. I don't usually wear scarves on my neck but I tie them on my bags. Scarves are fun accessories. They add more colours and elegance. I noticed I usually go out with a scarf tying on my bag and pearl earrings because "no one can resist these pearls". Have you watched Stranger Things 2? I'm really mad that they killed Barb 😠 I love to feel classy like a noble lady living in a 21st century, which embraces minimalism. That's why the combination is clever to me. Pearls are my friends, scarves are my friends, so are t-shirts and jeans.

Speaking of which, another series that I recently watched was Downton Abbey. It is a beautiful series. There are some happy moments that I could feel the ache in my chest. If you want me to make a top 'whatever' favourite tv series/movies/etc. , please let me know. 

I watched an episode of Black Mirror season 3 - "San Junipero". They played this song at the end. Another happy moment that made me miss my babee

May you have a wonderful month. 

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  1. You + Scarves = Divinity. You have great taste in TV and movies - is there any possible uncool thing about you? ;)

    Look forward to seeing more of you in the next post : )


    1. Would you like some banana pudding?

  2. Also, very mad that they killed Barb X-(

  3. Your images are so cool!
    xx Keren

  4. Wow great Post<3
    we wish you a lovely day

  5. Wait I thought Barb died in Season 1 ? The best friend right? It’s a great series! Do you watch Versailles? It’s a time period series.


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    The pictures are so amazing.

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  8. It’s nice to have photos to reflect on. I love going through my photos all the time.
    & the idea of using scarves as accessories is such a great idea. I always forget to tie them to my bags.

    THE FASHANN MONSTER life + style

  9. The pictures are so amazing,
    thank you for the lovely impressions.

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    Oh, cute !


  12. Beautiful photos! x

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  14. I love the pictures in this post! they are really artistic

  15. Love you Tom ♥

  16. Nice pics!