It's Not Chinese New Year

We don't call it Chinese New Year, we call it Tết - Viet New Year. That is a very cute song tho. I don't see Tet as a cultural celebration, but a public holiday. I have never received much of lucky money from adults, and I think I'm going to receive even less than before as I'm becoming an adult (which is so scary). I have never given the proper greetings to the elders. I don't enjoy bánh chưng, thịt kho, canh măng, etc. I join almost no traditional activities. I just enjoy it because I have around two weeks off. Hence no school no work.

People often do shopping, a lot of shopping, before Tet. They want to renew everything before a new year comes (Well, did it just come at 12:00 AM January 1st? FYI, I'm the person who uses the solar calendar). Thỏ and I did go shopping, for Zara and beers. Don't worry; we only want to add up a few pieces, not renew our whole closets. We didn't buy beers for ourselves. We don't drink beers. We bought flowers for ourselves.

I planned to have a blog entry about a recapitulation of my 2016 but I was too busy to publish it on time. Swear to God I remembered most of the shit I did in 2016 before bed last night. Now I forgot half of things that I thought of.  Sometimes I wish I could just squeeze my brain to let all the memories out. Please scroll down to see some of the things that happened in my previous living year.

. Started my own blog on. Changed the platforms multiple times.

. Bought a domain called

. Bought a new domain called sounds like a cooking site

. Learned new Vietnamese vocabularies. Forgot most of them

. Donated my old clothes

. Visited multiple museums for multiple times

. Made new friends in uni

. Received the first email asking for sponsoring my post. I rejected

. Traveled to Australia on my own

. In love with a new soul

. Received more emails from sponsors

. Bought a new camera

. Received another new camera

. Got weird sunburn on my feet

. Ate snails for the first time. Will never try again

. Got drunk on the last day of me being 18

. Ignored some people. It felt good

. Have been really sick three times. Thought I almost die 

. Got close to people that I like

. Stayed away from people that I don't

. Bought a Fossil watch. Sold it the day after.

. Received letters, cards and poems.

. Painted my nails red for the first time

. Helped a blind guy at the bus stop

. Helped an old woman at the bus stop the following day

. Bought my favourite people presents

. Turned from grumpy to very happy when I saw the workers doing morning exercises at a construction while I was sleepily standing on the crowded bus at 6:00 AM

. Became a second-year student. Can call them freshmen kids now

. Worked with new types of people

. Cut my hair short. Donated it to a breast cancer network

. Had a short-term job

. Got back to Twitter after 5 years

. Bought new socks. Still ran out of socks

. Tweeted in panic: "I'm on the bus & I've been stuck in the traffic for 1 hour & it's raining really hard rn & I have no clue about my current location ". Tweeted again, also in panic: "And mean it when you do because I need to get home". So thank you who prayed for me.

. Joined Apple music. Terrible Internet connection happened. Hence shit music.

. Was a stalker. Was busted.

. Went to a strawberry farm. Picked some strawberries

. Have been thought to be a Singaporean for several times. Ok lah!

. Said "yes" when a Japanese man asked me if I came from Singapore

. Dressed up in all black with a touch of gold. Very little touch of gold

. Talked about myself on this website. Some people care. I'm glad

. Prepared many blog posts. Didn't post them

. Some people thought running this blog is a waste of time. Didn't care

I'm currently having a technical problem with my template. I have been killing myself for hours to fix it. I'm glad that I'm publishing this post before distressfully continuing solving it.

Tell me one of your goals in 2017. I will tell you mine in the next blog post.

Happy Lunar New Year! (even if you use solar calendar, like me)


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  1. I think we can all relate to being busted as a stalker. But then again it's not always a bad thing.

    - Your fan

  2. That nosy neighbor!15 January 2017 at 16:18

    I was like "Damn, that's me!" at the opening part. The music seems to add into it a hint of that beautiful-sadness juice squeezed out of excitement, nostalgia and regret (isn't that what all indie music do?)
    Always a joy to read your posts. Happy Lunar New Year!

    1. Thank you very much for your sweet comment. Happy Lunar New Year to you! I have a feeling that I know you in person, and you are a very sweet one, that nosy neighbor.

  3. Cute post and resolutions!

  4. such a great post!

  5. Ah love these pictures!! Also, cuteeee song:)


  6. Love this song and listening to it while looking at your photo's! So great xx, Erin -

  7. great post! I love the vintage style you put on your picture!
    love, TL

  8. enjoy reading this post

    lot of smile,
    Anak Super

  9. Love this post babe and it looks so much fun ! I love of how you edit your pictures here babe! I think the chinese new year is on the 28th? Have a nice day babe!

    Elisha |

    1. Yeah it is on the 28th. Thank you for reading!

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  11. Really like your post. Your pictures are beautiful. Love it !

    Manon ♥ -

  12. The post is great! I love your blog:)

  13. You know, I wish the US would adopt this practice and give us all two weeks off from work for the new year, too, haha! Enjoy the time off, girl, and thanks for sharing a bit about your culture! I hope you have a great week ahead!



    1. hahaha tell me when it does. have a great week love!

  14. Love the vintage vibe in your photo editing.

    I personally can't wait for my Chinese New Year! :)

    Angela | Go Gypset

  15. Great post babe! I can't wait to celebrate Chinese New Year with my family this year. Thanks for sharing xo, sharon

  16. Sounds like you have an exciting blog year ahead of your with your new domains! Happy Chinese New Year! Have a great rest of your week!

    xoxo Rina Samantha

  17. Great casual look! Love the photo moments!
    wish you a fantastic 2017!
    IG @grace_njio

    1. thanks girl! wishing you a fantastic 2017 as well!

  18. Your photo of drinking lemon juice is a nice one. By the way Happy Chinese New Year.

    1. thanks love. but i believe the photo that you're talking about isn't me, it's my sister drinking mojito :)

  19. That sounds so exciting! Happy New Year ;)

  20. Sounds like you have an amazing blog year ahead of you!

  21. Happy New Year love! This is a dope post!




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  23. love this post! this song is great! xx

  24. This was such a good read and it actually made happy!! Sounds like 2016 was quite eventful!! One of my goals in 2017 is to be happy and ignore everything else that doesn't matter! Happy Lunar New Year x

    Millie x

    1. I hope you will reach your goals in 2017 :)

  25. The song is so great!! gorgeous shots!!!

    ❥ Vicky | The Golden Bun - Instagram TGB-

  26. Hope you had a great New Year! xx, Erin -

  27. This was such a cool idea for a post! Happy new year!!

    xx Nicole

  28. I like the style of this post. Happy year. I wish you all the best!

  29. Happy New Year!! You did so much until now, be ready for another awesome year <3

  30. Such a great post!!! Loved it!



  31. This is such a cute post - loving all the photos!!! Hope you're well and having a wonderful week! :)

    Layla xx