Hong Kong 2015


 I have been to Hong Kong a few times (I guess 5 is an exact number) and oh my god I always adore their buildings and people and sceneries and everything. Each of us (me and my older sister) had one pair of sneakers to get along with us during a five-day journey (and they were like a bunch of shit when we got home). There are modern buildings, those luxury stores, high speed cars yet there are still little traditional things in Hong Kong. Those old men who still listen to that traditional music when they drive and how cute when they whistle along. Those houses that have the ancient Chinese structures. And there are dragon dancing performances in Lunar New Year and Mid Autumn festival.
It was so exhausted to fight the right lines in subways or bus routes. However, it was fun! Even it was the fifth time I got in Hong Kong, the moments were as special as the first time. New things appeared after a year I got back and newer things appeared a year later and so on. I’m so happy because there are great things for me to discover no matter if it is the fifth or even the tenth time I visit this place.
Hong Kong should be on top of your to-go list, I think.
By the way, thumbs up for macarons in Habour City!! 


  1. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog x

  2. I like very much your pictures! Do you shot analogic?


    1. Hey thank you :)
      What do you mean by shot analogic?