High Tea

We had a high-tea party at Park Hyatt Hotel. My sister and my friend- Nhai ordered rosie tea something (I don’t remember the name lol sorry), I had hibiscus tea, my friend Quinn had banana coffee. They gave us three plates of tiny food. Yes, they were tiny, like you can put the whole cheese cake in your mouth and a whole burger. They were so cute! What I like most is the coconut ice-cream with jaggery syrup. Oh my god it tastes like heaven. I wish I could have brought it home and put it on the internet and let all of you have it. There should be a screen that allows you to take food on the internet haha… Sorry back to the topic. I really enjoyed my afternoon with my girls. However, the receipt gave us a little heart attack. lol. What I enjoyed more is that we dressed as fancy as we were going to have tea with Queen Elizabeth (insert laugh with tears emoji). So sorry I wasn't able to take a lot of photos because I spent almost the time enjoying tea and small talk with my girls.
In my opinion, you should spend a great afternoon with your beloved sister(s) or friend(s) to have a high-tea party, you know because it is absolutely worthwhile! x

Photos taken by Quinn.

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